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Amicus presents Film Series 2016

The Colour Of JUSTICE

Four iconic films highlighting why justice is not black and white.


In Cold Blood, Feb 2

12 Angry Men, May 17

Yield to the Night, Sept 13

To Kill a Mockingbird, Nov 22





Spring 2016

Theory weekend: 26 - 28th February

Practical weekend: 12 -13th March

Four day course providing insight, practical and theoretical skills for defending those facing the death penalty in the US.

For further information & to book your place, please CLICK HERE or contact admin.



Amicus is a small legal charity which helps provide representation for those facing the death penalty in the US.  We believe the death penalty is disproportionately imposed on the most vulnerable in society, violating their right to due process and the concept of equal justice before the law.  We work to provide better access to justice for those who could not otherwise afford it.

We are not a campaigning organisation.  We believe we can make the greatest difference through active involvement in frontline work.

We are very much dependent upon our members for the funds that keep us going.  Your support will ensure better access to justice for people facing the death penalty in the US.  Be part of the fight for justice on death row.


Every year we train and place 20-30 interns with capital defenders in the US. 

These interns provide an invaluable resource for the over-worked lawyers and carry out work that would simply not get done without them.  This covers everything from photocopying and summarising documents to legal research, interviewing people connected to the case or visiting the defendant on death row.

Think a US Internship might be for you?

 Read our US Intern Blog

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