Flight for justice

Friday, April 1, 2016

Nottingham University Student Representative flies and raises hundreds for Amicus.

This is Alice, our wonderful Nottingham University Student Rep.

In January, Alice flung herself out of a plane to raise an incredible £584.68 for Amicus.

Of the experience, Alice admits that she was "absolutely terrified! I chose to do a skydive because my fear of heights is really well known, so people who know me would see how much I cared about the cause and therefore be motivated to sponsor me. I'm really dedicated to Amicus and its aims; everyone deserves human rights and the right to life. Almost as soon as we had jumped all my fears disappeared - it felt more like flying than falling. It all went by so quickly and I would definitely do it again."

Well done and thank you, Alice!

If you think you're up to the challenge, consider becoming a student representative for 2016-17. Applications now open!