Newsletter: July 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
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Did you know... the total number of exonerations since 1973 is 156? Together, these exonerees spent a total of 1,779 years on death row.


A message from Amicus founder, Jane Officer, in memory of her friend, Andrew

"I'm just sitting here thinking of how Amicus all began as it will be the 25th anniversary of Andrew's execution in a few hours time. At this time his family and friends, including me, were trying our best to keep up Andrew's spirits. And what a legacy he has left! Let's hope that by the 30th anniversary the death penalty in the US has gone into history. Thank you, all of you, on Andrew's behalf."

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Democrats call for an end to the death penalty

"For the first time in the party’s history, the Democrats have made a commitment to abolish the death penalty." Read more...

Harvard report on deadliest prosecutors

"Donald Myers once told a capital jury, between sobs, that a failure to give a death sentence to the present defendant would be declaring “open season on babies in Lexington County”, as he presented before them a baby’s crib draped in a black cloth." Read more...

Outlook at the 40th anniversary of Gregg v Georgia

"In 1972, the 600 inmates on death row around the US would awake to find that their sentences had all been vacated." Read more...

Georgia executes John Conner despite evidence of intellectual impairment and traumatic upbringing 

"On 15th July 2016, John Conner became the sixth person to be executed in Georgia this year." Read more...

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