Newsletter: October 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
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Did you know... the average time spent on death row for all exonerated individuals is over 11 years? 


**An evening of Art for Amicus**

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Short-term internship in Maryland

This internship will now be open to both law undergraduates and graduates and a duration of 1-3 months. Scroll down to find out more here

Amicus US Death Penalty Training

Final few places are available for our bi-annual training course, mandatory if you want to be an intern and interesting and educational even if you don't! Reserve your place here.


A win at all costs - inconsistent evidence bolsters prosecutor's evidence in two separate murder trials

Over half a millennium ago, German scholar Martin Luther advocated "peace if possible, truth at all costs", however the "deeply rooted culture of devaluing due process" in the Orange County Sheriff Department is turning this adage on its head. Read more...

Florida Supreme Court strikes down state’s new capital sentencing statute for unconstitutionality 

On 14th October, the Florida Supreme Court ruled the state’s practice of imposing death sentences without a unanimous jury unconstitutional. This left the fate of the 385 inmates still on the state’s death row still on hold, but also allowed for the chance to conceive a less defective system. Read more...

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