The following questions relate to both General and Shorter Volunteer Placements. Please ensure you've read the page dedicated to each type of placement, as well as these FAQs, before applying.


What is the application process?

  1. The candidate completes an application form and submits the same to Amicus via email, together with his or her CV. Amicus recommends that candidates submit their applications three to six months before the target start date. 
  2. If the candidate is shortlisted, Amicus will contact the candidate to arrange an interview. 
  3. After the interview, Amicus will inform the candidate whether or not the application has been successful.
  4. Amicus will thereafter inform the candidate of the office in which he or she has been placed. 

If the candidate is shortlisted, Amicus will contact the candidate to arrange an interview in London or, subject to interviewer availability, Manchester. Candidates to notify Amicus as soon as possible if they would prefer to be interviewed in Manchester. 

Do I need a driving licence?

The US offices in which we place volunteers generally require volunteers to have valid driving licences. You may well be required to drive in order to conduct witness interviews, prison visits and case investigations - possession of a valid driving licence ensures you are able to undertake such work even if there is no attorney available to accompany you. Exceptional cases may well arise where a driving licence is not required but please bear in mind that public transport in the US is much more limited than in the UK. Not having a driving licence may make you a less useful volunteer and it would be more difficult for Amicus to place you. 

How much does it cost?

All of our volunteer placements are self-funded. The cost of the placement varies depending on the city and the office in which you are placed. Costs of living in the US can be high, particularly in larger cities such as Atlanta or Houston. Volunteers generally find that they need $1,250-$1,750 per month to cover their living costs. Up-front costs such as rental deposits should also be considered. Together with flights, we estimate that a placement can cost approximately £4,000. This figure will increase if you spend time travelling before or after the placement. 

Further questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us. Also, please remember to check out our volunteer blog and videos to hear about volunteer experiences first-hand.