Monday, August 14, 2017

Before beginning my internship with Amicus at the London office this year, I was, alike to many others, simply completely opposed to the death penalty, because…well it’s wrong. It wasn’t until I began my internship that I realised how naïve I was. I did not realise the extent and the depth of the systemic injustice that exists within the application of the death penalty. It very quickly became apparent.

Through interning at Amicus I was given so many opportunities. For example, I was able to speak with Sunny and Peter who, being victims to such injustice, were hugely inspiring. I was also able to speak with legal professionals in the field itself and helped Maroshini, Florence and Margot with the hugely successful fundraising events of Art for Amicus and The Exonerated.

Furthermore, my main role as an intern was helping with the vast amounts of casework Amicus is involved with. Personally, I was mostly involved with the Missouri Project. The Missouri Project is the biggest research project of its kind which has gathered huge amounts of data from cases across Missouri where the death penalty was considered. The aim of the project is to expose the blatant injustices and biases in the application of the death penalty to the point where they are irrefutable. It was so interesting, especially as a law student, to be involved with the project. As part of my role I helped to organise the data and, moreover, I was given the opportunity to meet, speak with and organise the casework teams across various London law firms. I am excited to see the difference the project could make as part of the fight for the abolition of the death penalty. 

My experience as an intern in the London office was fantastic and hugely eye-opening. Florence, Maroshini and Margot were so friendly and the office was just great fun to be in. I would encourage everybody to intern at Amicus. In fact, I loved my experience so much and was so affected by the shocking experiences and facts surrounding the death penalty that I am about to set off to the US as an Amicus intern in Texas.