Sunday, April 30, 2017

My internship in Arizona began at the end of March and immediately I felt welcomed into the office and the work they did. My very first task, straight off the plane, involved attending a meeting with a large capital defence team in downtown Phoenix. The experience felt very different from anything previous; I didn’t feel like the ‘student’ or ‘work experience girl’ sitting in the corner. I felt valued – even though I wasn’t there to contribute anything!

The tasks I’ve been assigned have been interesting and varied, and made all the more engaging by the willingness of the attorneys to answer all my questions about anything I encounter. The office is very small, with an incredible workload, yet the attorneys have always made time to make sure things are explained to me. I am really enjoying the experience and already feel as though it is the most worthwhile step I have taken in pursuing a legal career. 

The photo below is from a trip I took to Sedona the first weekend here. I hired a car for the first week only, as the public transport is sufficient to do without in Phoenix, and so took the chance to travel north whilst I could. I bought an annual pass to the national parks and federal lands and went on my first hike of what I hope will be many during my stay here, although I hope the others will be more successful. I misheard the ranger’s directions and somehow managed to turn a five mile hike into an eleven mile hike, which would have been fine, had I not been so new to the Arizona climate! Despite the mishap, it was absolutely beautiful and incredibly peaceful. I’m definitely thrilled to have been placed in Arizona.