Newsletter: February 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017
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This newsletter is all about Trump: on the death penalty, on crime, on race and on guns. Read on to find out why our cause needs you now more than ever.

This month our intern Klara (UK) said:
"[My time at Amicus] has both affirmed my decision to work in the legal field as well as provoked me to become a great deal more active in my opposition of the death penalty."
Klara talks about her office internship experience here.


Trustee Treasurer needed: Are you good with numbers?

We are hunting for a Trustee Treasurer. Do you (or anyone else you know) fit the bill? Full details here. Please circulate!

Kalisher Trust: Funding for an intern

We have launched the Kalisher Trust Internship with Amicus, with a grant of £5,000 for a prospective US intern! Full details here. Deadline is 12th March.


On the death penalty

"[D]espite the decline in its application, it is worth noting that the death penalty continues to have a powerful symbolic and populist appeal... With his signature inflammatory rhetoric, this is something Trump is likely to capitalise on. Abolitionists must remain on the offensive to ensure that America continues on its path to abolition." Read more...

On crime

"[B]y being passive bystanders, we are condoning the regime; our powers of resistance are eroded away, together with our integrity. We need to winnow out the xenophobic garbage that Trump spews, question the justifications for his policies and cross-examine every piece of legislation, to keep the momentum of democracy, justice and liberty alive." Read more...

On race

"Racist or not, and as uninformed as he may come across, one thing is clear: Trump’s attitudes to race are dangerous." Read more...

On guns

"Is this a move in the right direction or simply a step backgrounds in social development?" Read more...

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Amicus would like to thank Manisha Bains, Trudy Dargeviciute, Vithyah Chelvam and Alejandra Llorente for their contributions to this month's newsletter.