Newsletter: January, 2022

Saturday, January 1, 2022

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In the News

11 executions in 2021 mark three-decade low
A report from the Death Penalty Information Center found that support for the death penalty has continued to decline. States and the federal government only carried out 11 executions in 2021... Read more by becoming an Amicus Member.

Texas announces execution for eldest death row inmate
At 77 years old, Carl Wayne Buntion is the oldest Texas death row inmate, with Texan authorities having recently scheduled his execution date for April 21, 2022...  Read more by becoming an Amicus Member.

Arizona plans to seek warrants for first executions in 7 years 
In early January, the Attorney General’s office informed the Arizona Supreme Court of their intention to seek execution warrants for two death-row inmates... Read more by becoming an Amicus Member.

Language mistake in Georgia death penalty law creates a daunting hurdle
The U.S. Supreme Court is to decide whether to hear the case challenging Georgia’s state law that requires defendants on death row, who are seeking to be spared execution... Read more by becoming an Amicus Member.

Terminally ill death-row prisoner fights impending execution
Idaho state has conducted just three executions since 1976, with the last being Richard Leavitt on 12th June 2012. Governor Brad Little is set to recommence executions this year... Read more by becoming an Amicus Member.