Newsletter: June 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017
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"Assuming my parents won’t get to read this blog while I am away..." Christine waxes lyrical about her Baltimore experience.

Reflecting on her time in New Orleans, Shareei says that an Amicus internship is "an opportunity you will definitely not forget."


Deadline for student rep applications

Roll up, roll up! Final push for this round of applications is coming up at the end of the month. Find out more here.


Former death row inmate falsely imprisoned for 34 years

Summer, 1977: Elvis died.

Legislative reform offers a glimmer of hope for Louisiana’s 300 juvenile lifers

Imagine being written off forever as a person for something you did as a child... Read more...

Another month, another execution - 159th exoneration from death row, Ralph Daniel Wright, Jr.

11th May 2017 – the date the Florida Supreme Court overturned the convictions and death sentence of Ralph Daniel Wright, Jr. (Wright). Read more...

Attorneys argue to extend death penalty exemption to 21

Trevis Bredhold’s attorneys cite neurological justification for extending the death penalty exemption to those under 21. Read more...

Murder convict freed from Nevada’s death row with exonerating medical evidence

After nearly 30 years’ imprisonment for murder, Ha’im Matin Sharif has been released from Nevada’s death row... Read more...

Arizona makes concessions as lethal injection lawsuit settled

Further revisions have been made to Arizona’s lethal injection protocol... Read more...


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