Newsletter: July 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017
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Join us to celebrate 25 years of fighting for justice!
Don't miss broadcaster Jon Snow in conversation with eminent human rights activist Sister Helen Prejean! With a drinks reception and auction, the event will be held on the evening of 2nd November 2017 in Inner Temple Parliament Chamber. Tickets will soon go on sale here.


Matrix-Amicus grants

We are collaborating with Matrix Chambers to part-fund internships in Louisiana. Watch this space for more info soon! 


Jurors now less hungry for the death penalty

Jurors are now 10 times less likely to impose the death penalty in the US, according to recent data. Read more...

Expiration of execution drugs currently detained by FDA

Drugs that three states attempted to illegally import into the United States have now expired, but a Texas law suit against the FDA continues. Read more...

New snitch laws in Texas

Snitches being financially rewarded for informing on fellow inmates is not a recent issue; the first case of wrongful conviction in the United States in 1819 was the result of information given by a snitch. Read more...

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Amicus would like to thank Eleanor Sheerin, Francesca Parkes and Rebecca O'Kane for their contributions to this month's newsletter.