Newsletter: March 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
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Thank you to all of the delegates who attended the second weekend of Amicus' US Death Penalty Training Spring 2018!
A special thanks, also, to our US guest speakers Shawn Nolan and Marc Bookman for sharing their time, knowledge, and musical talents with us!
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Oklahoma plans to execute inmates with nitrogen gas
Oklahoma’s existing lethal injection protocol has already been challenged in the US Supreme Court. Executions have been halted in the state since Richard Glossip’s stay was granted in 2015, an hour before his scheduled execution, when it was discovered... Read more
The torture of Doyle Lee Hamm: A ‘gory, botched’ execution
Last month, Alabama tried and failed to execute Doyle Lee Hamm, an inmate who has spent more than half his life on death row for a murder committed in 1987. On 2 February 2018, Hamm had eaten his ‘last’ meal and said his final goodbyes. He was then taken from his cell and strapped down to a gurney where... Read more
Trump’s opioid plan to include death penalty for drug dealers
On Monday 19th March 2018, Donald Trump addressed a New Hampshire audience, headlining new policies to tackle the country’s opioid crisis. After much speculation, Trump vowed... Read more
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