Newsletter: March, 2023

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
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In The News

Death row inmate who acted as own attorney seeks new trial
By Millie Harding
Howard Hawk Willis, a man from Tennessee who acted as his own attorney, is seeking a new trial after he was sentenced to death for the murders of 16-year-old Samantha Leming Chrismer and 17-year-old Adam Chrismer in 2010. Willis’ petition for a new trial... Read more by becoming an Amicus member

Republican sorry for suggesting ‘hanging by a tree’ as execution method
By Fiona Lin
Paul Sherrell, a Republican lawmaker in the Tennessee House of Representatives, apologised for making a comment during a committee debate that suggested “hanging by a tree” should be added as a state-sanctioned execution method.... Read more by becoming an Amicus member

Upcoming executions raise concerns about mental illness and the death penalty
By Mariella Steijger
In spite of significant breakthroughs in our understanding and treatment of mental illness over the last few decades, it appears that society remains misinformed about many aspects of mental illness. More so than any other group, attitudes towards mentally ill criminals... Read more by becoming an Amicus member

Why Alex Murdaugh was spared the death penalty
By Helen Moizer
A former lawyer found guilty of murdering his wife and son in a high-profile trial that gripped America will "spend the rest of his natural life" in prison. On 7 June 2021, Alex Murdaugh reported finding his wife and son dead near the dog kennels on the family’s estate... Read more by becoming an Amicus member

Research: history of lynchings linked to increased death sentencing for Black defendants
By Sanya Chawla
A lynching is the public killing of an individual who has not received any due process. These executions were often carried out by lawless mobs, though police officers also participated, under the pretext of justice. Lynchings have been a tragic and agonising part of American history... Read more by becoming an Amicus member

Execution delayed for Andre Thomas’ competency review
By Ellie Vowell
Andre Thomas’ execution date has been delayed following a clemency petition to review his competency and eligibility for the death penalty. In March 2004, Andre stabbed his 21-year-old wife, 4-year-old son, and 13-month-old stepdaughter before returning... Read more by becoming an Amicus member