The Prudhoe Caribbean Amicus Bursary: An Exciting Opportunity For Caribbean Region and Bermuda Residents

Prudhoe Caribbean are a law firm based out of Turks and Caicos Islands and focus on complex and cross-border representations. Prudhoe Caribbean are offering an exclusive bursary for one candidate from the Caribbean Region and Bermuda (with preference being given to indigenous Islanders) to undertake Amicus’s US General Volunteer Placement. Our US Placements offer a varied and hands on international opportunity to assist with real death penalty cases in the US.

The successful candidate would ideally be an indigenous Islander, and attend the second weekend of Amicus’s Autumn Death Penalty Training in London free of charge (travel and accommodation not covered). Consideration would be given to a pre-payment of part of the bursary monies for travel costs. They will then go on to undertake their US General Placement in one of our 20 affiliate offices in the United States.

Applications are now open for this unique opportunity. Please apply with the Prudhoe Bursary application form by the deadline 31st October 2019. Interviews will be held in early November, and the interviewers will themselves be former volunteers of this placement scheme.

Minimum requirements:

  • Resident of Caribbean Region and Bermuda (preference will be given to indigenous Islanders)
  • Law degree or equivalent professional experience, legally qualified in any jurisdiction
  • Minimum commitment of three months
  • Membership of Amicus
  • Ability to deal well with stressful situations
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience – paid or voluntary – in human rights, charity, legal or criminal work

Preferable experience:

  • Litigation experience in the UK or elsewhere
  • Valid driving licence (see note in FAQs)


Can applicants for the General Volunteeer Placement Programme apply for the bursary?

General Volunteer Placement applicants who have already passed the interview stage and are in the process of being placed cannot apply for the bursary.

Other General Volunteer Placement applicants can do so (thereby putting their General Volunteer Placement applications on hold). However, they will have to apply afresh i.e. complete the Prudhoe Caribbean Bursary application form.

Can unsuccessful bursary applicants be considered for a wholly self-funded General Volunteer Placement?

Yes, provided that in the course of the shortlisting/interview process, said applicants meet the requisite standard of the General Volunteer Placement Programme.
Unsuccessful bursary applicants will not need to apply afresh for the General Volunteer Placement Programme.

Can Kalisher Trust-Amicus volunteers apply for the Prudhoe Caribbean bursary?

No, volunteers in receipt of Kalisher funding to undertake Amicus placements are not eligible for the bursaries.

Can I defer my placement if I get offered a bursary?

As a general rule, if you need to defer your placement you will be required to reapply to the placement programme.