Newsletter: April 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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Court orders tests for inmate, reopening chance of execution

In 2015, Circuit Judge Betty Sanders ruled that the death row inmate, Willie C. Russell, was mentally disabled and therefore permanently removed him from death row. This is a decision which the Mississippi Supreme Court... Read more

Louisiana rejects death penalty repeal bill

A Committee heard over two hours of impassioned debate and testimony from prosecutors and defence attorneys, legislators, victims’ families and religious advocates. Landry, the bill’s standard bearer, said “the death penalty is barbaric. It’s inhumane”. Other pro abolitionists cited the financial burden of maintaining prisoners on death row... Read more

Fewer killers sentenced to die in Florida after courts require unanimous juries

In October 2016, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty could not be imposed without the unanimous support of a jury. Since then, death sentences have become few and far between in the state. Read more

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