Newsletter: May 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
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We are happy to announce that Amicus' US Death Penalty Training Autumn 2018 will be taking place on 19th - 21st October and 3rd and 4th November. For more details and to book your space click here.

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In the news

Judge says Texas death row inmate's sentence should be reduced due to false evidence at trial

Storey, along with an accomplice, shot and killed Jonas Cherry during the robbery of a putt-putt golf course in Fort Worth in 2006. The accomplice accepted a plea-deal and was given life without parole, but Storey refused the same offer and went to trial. At the time...Read more

Supreme Court Sides With Death-Row Prisoner Whose Trial Lawyer Told Jury He Was Guilty
Death row inmate, Robert McCoy, had been on trial for murdering three members of his ex wife’s family. At trial, his defense lawyer, Larry English, informed the jury that McCoy was guilty, despite McCoy’s repeated denial of killing his ...Read more

Illinois governor seeks to reinstate death penalty for mass murderers, cop killers
Governor Rauner is attempting to re-introduce the death penalty through his amendatory veto power by adding it to the proposed gun control legislation. If his amendment is passed, it would bring back the death penalty for mass murderers and the murder of...Read more

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